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As we are on the move – being stagnent is not our business. Logistics are the engine of every company, and we know that. We live for logistics, this it is our purpose. Trunkline carries your goods as fast as possible to the place of destination: to you and to your customers.

A quick and smooth flow of all material goods is a decisive factor in global competition and it is the basis of our success story.

Our goal is customers satisfaction. We offer intelligent transport concepts so that your requests are met as fast as possible.

That’s why we deal, apart from traditional forwarding logistics, with innovative projects such as Green Logistics or GPS-Tracking Systems, which gives us the latest data from the current location of the vehicles.

Know-how and the innovative drive in logistics are the decisive factors of success and in the long run they ensure your and our competitiveness. We have already convinced some of the top European companies of our philosophy.

We hope to be able to count on you as one of our satisfied customers soon!
We’re looking forward to your business!

Current topics

Track your Truck

Thanks to the GPS-Boxes installed in all our vehicles, (and even trailers), and Europe-wide GPS positioning, no questions remain unanswered. You get reliable live access to the current location of your shipment.

So you will always be able to track the current status and know exactly whether the transport runs on time.

Green Logistics

Ecological thinking and implementation has been very important to us since the formation of our company.

Taking into account both economic and ecological aspects, we enhance alternative transport and we operate an efficient resource management to protect the entvironment.



We are at home on all the roads of Europe. However, we have settled in Germany, with branches in Slovakia and Bulgaria.

From there we organize transports throughout Europe. So, we are always in your neighborhood.

Our services

Logistics Services

Logistics are more than just transport: the Trunkline Company offers you answers to all of your questions regarding a complete solution of your individual transport needs.

As we focus on what we can do best, you can rest assured your quality of service.


Arrive safely with Trunkline Company: As a specialist for European liner traffic we offer you individual solutions to transport your goods.

In addition to traditional transport we use alternative transport systems and work out optimal route planning, thus being able to offer you the shortest delivery time throughout Europe.

Main runs-
throughout Europe

Day by day, around the clock: We are at home on all roads of Europe. Even sensitive goods are no problem for us.

Thanks to many years of experience we can assure you of a reliable and safe transport of your goods. Our transport procedure is industrialized and therefore we offer you daily, a stable and optimal service.

Line systems

Mobility is our strength: We acknowledge the importance to the constant optimization of all our processes.

We offer you flexible options for your line systems, in order to deliver your goods safer, faster, and cheaper to their appropriate destination.

Our fleet

A successful and efficient transport company depends on a proper fleet. Our vehicles are the engine of our company. So, it is very important to us that our fleet is always up to date and technologically advanced. All vehicles are replaced, at least, after four years on the road.

We have an ultramodern fleet, equipped with the most current vehicle technology, which continuously fulfills the strict Euro-6-Norm. By regular modernizations and optimal maintenance, we guarantee the best and most reliable transportation.




Semi-trailer tractors
& Carrier vehicles








Tarp and container trailer




Swap bodies
Tarpaulin & Container

Track your Truck

Not in the mood for complicated ways? We make it easy for you. As our customer,
you can rely on GPS vehicle positioning and a progressive fleet management with
ultramodern vehicle technology for an informative and reliable transport.

Thanks to vehicle telematic systems, installed in all our vehicles (even in trailers),
and the Europe-wide GPS positioning, no questions remain unanswered. You will get
reliable live access to the current location of your transport.

You are updated on the current status at all times and you know exactly how
and when you should receive the receipt of your delivery.


Green Logistics

Not a fashion trend but a responsibility for the future: Ecological thinking and acting is very important to us since the beginning of our company. We look at our work, not just from the economical, but also from the ecological point of view: That’s why we have put our fleet together considering ecological aspects right from the start.






Of course we train our truck drivers regularly in order to raise their awareness of driving ecologically and economically. Furthermore, our whole fleet is navigated by satellites to ensure ecological transportation.
All this help us to reduce the CO2 footprint considerably.






Our locations




Trunkline Company Brühl GmbH
Hofstraße 22
68782 Brühl

Your contact person:
Andreas Kitzbichler
eMail: info@trunklinecompany.de

Telefax: +49 (0)6202 / 4097 412

+49 (0)6202 / 4093 694





Trunkline Company Bratislava s.r.o
Dvojkrizna 49
82104 Bratislava
Slovak Republic

Your contact person:
Peter Manko
eMail: Peter.Marko@tcb.sk

+421 914 324 281





Trunkline Company Bulgaria
Lui Ayer Str. 2
1407 Sofia

Your contact person:
Radoslaw Toshkov Karachorbadzhiev
eMail: radoslaw.toshkov@t-c-b.net


+359 8772 66453


Our services

Logistic services
Main Leg – Europe-wide
Line systems




Brühl, Germany
Bratislava, Slovak Republic
Sofia, Bulgaria




Telephone: +49 (0)6202 / 4093 694

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